Apr 152010
Building Your Own "Field of Dreams"

When I first started my own consulting business, in 2001, I was a sole owner/worker and thought I was on top of the world! I was really ready to have people knocking on my door, ready to use my incredible services. As any first time business owner will tell you, this is not an uncommon phenomenon, but it is most likely not reality. That passion to be my own “boss” and to have my own business is still there. The difference is that now I understand how to build my specific “field of dreams”. In the movie, “Field of Dreams”, the famous line is, “If you build it they will come.” Many entrepreneurs fall into the trap of merely putting […]

May 292009

Well.. We finished up our programming and design ahead of schedule and are proud to introduce Effortless Forms. http://www.EffortlessForms.com has 325 business and HR forms (many of which are free!) , templates, and spreadsheets available at the time of launch. We will be rapidly expanding our database and would love your feedback on what other types and categories of forms you would like to see on this site. That’s it.. short and sweet! Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think of the site. Searches for this article:effortlesshrfree hr forms ukeffortless hreffortless formsfree hr formscomment forms for businessbusiness this site uses keywordluvEffortless HR Aaron Queen twitterwww gowebsolutions comeffortlesshr forms

Jul 172008
Starting a New Business in a Recession

Image via Wikipedia Is this the time to start a new business? Having been a banker for over 35 years, I can tell you that some of the best companies were started during a recession because they addressed a need during an economic downturn that continued to be successful even as the economy rebounded. One such type company is the employee placement companies. When companies have to downsize and cannot keep on skilled individuals on a full time basis or pay them benefits, then employment agencies are an ideal answer to meeting the needs of completing a job without their having to have a full time employee. When the job is done, the temporary employee is returned to the agency […]

Jun 262008

Recordkeeping has been a major obstacle for many companies who don’t know what to save, where to save the files, how long they need to save them, or what to do with them once they are created.  More importantly, they don’t know who has access to them or how to destroy them.   While there is no federal or state requirement that an employer maintain personnel files, employers are required to keep certain records to comply with various laws and regulations. The overriding concern is to balance employee privacy and the employer’s need to know while still managing to keep good records.   According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) standard operating procedures, the following items should be […]