EffortlessHR Handbook Review Background


EffortlessHR has done Handbook Reviews for companies, associations, organizations, and insurance
partners for over 10 years.

We are here to help you minimize risk by ensuring compliance with Federal and State employment law.

• Lola Kakes and her team have completed 1000s of employee handbook reviews for US based
companies and organizations over the past 10 years.

• Reviews have saved client companies millions of dollars in litigation and employee dispute
settlement costs.

• The employee handbook review process is inexpensive with minimal effort on the part of the

• When you provide a copy of your existing handbook, EffortlessHR provides a document detailing
the changes and omissions important to businesses of your size and in the state you operate.

• The handbook review is conducted by Lola Kakes and her team of HR experts.

• Lola owns her own small business just like you.


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