EffortlessHR is focused exclusively on small employers. As a result, we have developed a clear understanding of the needs and resource constraints of small employers.

Small and medium employers represent 98.1% of employers in the US.

Small employers often lack the time, resources, personnel, financial resources, and persistence to install and manage today’s complex HR software platforms on their own. They attempt to manage the HR function using spreadsheets and documents stored on an office manager’s laptop.

Small employers also lack the financial and operational resources to license an expensive HR software platform and pay high-priced consultants to implement. 

This lack of HR management resources is costly. HR issues at small companies may disrupt customer service delivery, negatively impacting customer satisfaction and revenue. Many small organizations only adopt consistent and compliant HR policies AFTER a costly employment issue.

EffortlessHR is a human resources management software platform for small employers (1 to 100 employees). While EffortlessHR is perfectly capable of managing customers with well over 100 employees, it is naturally positioned for organizations that have grown beyond their manual HR management tools and are ready to move to a full-featured, yet simple professional HR software platform.

  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Requires no IT
  • No software programming
  • No consultants
  • No expensive ongoing maintenance

EffortlessHR provides the HR policy framework required to keep small employers compliant with federal and state employment law. It is fully featured but can be setup in days without the significant human and administrative overhead required of systems targeted for large enterprises.

EffortlessHR provides consistent documentation and administration of benefits, performance appraisals, time tracking, tracking of paid time off (PTO), hiring practices, new employee onboarding, employee discipline, termination, HR policies, employee handbook, etc. 

EffortlessHR can be implemented in less than a week. Other HR platforms require weeks and months to implement. EffortlessHR keeps things simple enabling the client to administer the HR function efficiently and consistently.


Lola Kakes | Founder and CEO

Lola has more than 30 years as a Human Resource and Corporate Compliance professional.  Lola’s experience includes 10 years as Executive Vice President of HR and Compliance for Keenan & Associates, the largest privately owned insurance broker in the state of California.  

She is recognized as a specialist in small business reporting requirements and successful management/employee relations.  As an advocate for small business, Lola served as a Commissioner to The Tucson City Small Business Commission.  She is a former President of the Tucson Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).  

She is also an active member and contributor to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is the author of the popular book, “If You Don’t Own A Circus, You Shouldn’t Be Hiring Clowns.”


Aaron Queen | CTO

Aaron is an IT professional specializing in emerging and scalable technologies.  He is a recognized expert in high performance, mission-critical, and high security applications.  He often is consulted for his expertise in the development and application of esoteric and secure computer technologies.


Pete Lett | Sales and Marketing; Workforce Development Specialist

Pete is a sales and marketing professional with a deep understanding of the hiring process as well as the administrative challenges and resource limitations facing small size employers in accessing and deploying WIOA OJT and IWT grants.

Pete is medically retired from the Air Force and was previously the US Head of Campus Operations for LeaderQuest, a leader in cybersecurity and IT training located in Colorado Springs.  He is now the founder of OJT Associates and a principal partner with Growth Associates.

Pete lives in Michigan with his wife, 3 sons and 3 dogs.  He continues to be actively involved in the veteran community and mentoring transitioning service members to civilian life.


Steve Lett | Sales and Marketing; Partnerships and Business Development Specialist

Steve has been developing sustainable and profitable revenue models for a wide range of organizations and industries for over 35 years.  His approach is highly collaborative, leveraging a client’s products, content, audience, and data to drive revenue across multiple channels.  

As a senior revenue development and operations executive, Steve has a successful track record of delivering revenue growth for partners in a diverse set of industries including publishing, media, IoT, embedded systems, AI, and manufacturing.  

Steve lives with his wife in the Chicago metro area.