Why is free set up important for small business?


The good news is that the EffortlessHR system is easy.  It is so straightforward a small employer can set it up over a weekend. 

However, the reality is that HR is complex.  There is more to HR than just a system.  Installing HR software does not mean you have an HR system that both protects and works well for your business.

This is why our partnership with Tarleton State University College of Business’s HRIS Project is so valuable.  A lack of dedicated resources is the primary reason that small businesses fail to implement an HR solution that will help them day-to-day.

Since most HR software is aimed at large companies, these systems often try to solve problems that either don’t exist or are of low priority for small employers.  

TSU research has found that most small companies only need to solve a few critical problems:

  • How do I fire a consistently late or underperforming employee without risk to my business?
  • Do I have documentation supporting disciplinary actions to avoid potentially costly legal actions?
  • How do I track paid time off?
  • How do I manage vacation approval requests?
  • How do I distribute benefit information? Did I distribute benefit information? Do employees have access to their benefit information?
  • How do I find my employee records (Employee Records Management)?

EffortlessHR focuses on the primary needs of small employers who lack dedicated resources by eliminating unnecessary complexity to create a straightforward system that is easy to setup and easy use.


How can EffortlessHR and TSU’s HRIS Project help me?  

In two ways: 

  1. We set it up for you.  TSU College of Business HRIS Project faculty and students handle everything from organizing your employee files to data entry to organizing your HR policies and procedures.
  2. TSU College of Business HRIS Project faculty and students will help you create and clarify a set of policies and procedures designed to avoid potential costly legal actions.  We can even create an employee handbook with the EffortlessHR Handbook Builder tool to help you communicate your HR policies and procedures with employees.


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