May 282010

That’s right! We are bringing back our very popular free trial for our EffortlessHR Online HR Software system. Just in case you read the blog, and have never visited our main site ( ) , We’ll list some of our exciting existing and new features below: Online Employee & Personnel Management Employee Portal New! Custom Reports HR Forms Labor Laws Labor Law Posters HR Guide Calendar & Reminders New! Powerful Import & Export Capabilities New! Multi-Layer Access Levels Online File Storage Company Property Tracking Benefits Management Company Data Management Labor Law Updates Be sure to check out everything we offer, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Click here to visit Searches for this article:free hris softwarefree hrishris […]

Dec 222009
If You Don't Own a Circus... You Shouldn't Be Hiring Clowns!

A Layman’s Journey to Effortless Human Resources, author Lola Kakes As a business owner, you want to expand your company by building a solid team, not a three-ring circus. There’s a reason human resources work is often compared to running a daycare center. Managing employees can cause headaches for a company of any size, but especially for a small company where one person is doing the hiring, managing and firing. Written as a layman’s guide to human resources, this book provides the tools you need to operate your company professionally and legally before your organization grows large enough to hire an entire HR department. You’ll find essential tools that include checklists, tips, sample forms and letters, charts of important legal […]

Jan 222009

The economic crisis of 2008/2009 has many companies looking at ways to save money and get through the hard times. What this normally means is that they look to lay off people, cut back benefits (which make good employees look at other opportunities), stop training programs, reduce marketing, and basically “hunker” down. I feel like I am in a unique position as both a business owner and a human resource generalist to address this economic drama. Let me explain. As a business owner I am facing choices in doing business. Credit is hard to find and cash flow is tight. Clients still are there, however, and they still want and need my services. Sometimes, they just don’t know what they […]

Oct 152008
Commissions should produce the right sales

Oftentimes, employers build compensation plans to incent their employees to sell their product or service to obtain better sales results. What they often omit is ensuring that there is a balance between new sales and retention, both of which we will discuss. If you have a variety of products/services, and offer an incentive for a designated dollar amount of sales, then your salesperson can sell any level of product as long as they get to or exceed that designated dollar amount. It is a more profitable system to determine, in advance, what is your highest margined product/service and be sure that there is enough goal to ensure that the salesperson focuses the right amount of attention on that segment. An […]

Jul 292008

One of the most critical aspects of the recruiting process is Orientation. Orientation is a function that allows a new employee to learn about the organization, what the expectations are in the position, who is responsible and accountable, and in general what they need to know to become an integral part of the company. It is sad, however, that many companies not only don’t provide an orientation, but expect the new employee to be able to figure it out themselves. The problem is, if you don’t provide a formal orientation process, the employee will still receive an orientation and it may not be the one that will benefit the employee, their co-workers or the company. As part of the hiring […]

Jul 222008

As a new business owner, you might not be aware of the many options available to help you find your employees. The following is a list of resources to consider when you are looking to add employee(s) to your company. Your Own Website Here candidates will learn about your company as well as the details regarding the open position. TIP: An excellent opportunity for Employment Branding – sell your organization as an excellent place to work! Employee Referrals A great source — often overlooked. Your employees know your company, your standards and work policies. Employees rarely recommend people that they cannot vouch for as they are putting their own reputation on the line. TIP: Consider a reward system for a […]

Jul 032008

As a business owner hiring a new employee, do you consider what additional revenue this addition to the company will create.  The increased revenue can come from actual sales from the new employee or it could be that this employee @ $12.00/hour (plus any potential benefits paid), frees up an owner or sales representative to go out and generate additional sales at a much higher hourly rate.  Another example is where this $12.00/hour employee allows a manager, making a much higher wage and who is bogged down performing clerical tasks, to focus on tasks that will instead generate revenue or reduce costs for the company.  Here is an example:  An owner spends 2 hours on sales netting an average of $200 […]

Jun 262008

Those who remember Kermit the Frog’s song, “It isn’t easy being green”, will admit there are challenges for a company who wants to be environmentally responsible. A direct benefit is that an eco-friendly company will be able to attract and retain employees. A poll conducted by, a website for students and entry-level hires, found that 92% would be more inclined to work for a company who was environmentally friendly, and 80% of young professionals would prefer a job that has a positive impact on the environment. (June Issue of HR Magazine). Rising gas prices have caught everyone’s attention, and it’s not just the “tree huggers” who are interested in conservation these days. There are costs associated with going “green”, […]

Jun 242008

Most companies request that applicants send their résumés to either an email address or a business address because it is a quick and simple way to check skills and qualifications. This information will help you to determine if you wish to continue to the interview stage. Regardless of how many you receive, it is important to review all of the résumés consistently. ABC’s of Résumé Reviews As you begin the process of reviewing the résumés, it might be helpful to have three separate piles; A – those résumés you know don’t fit your criteria, B – those résumés that may need a second look, and C – those résumés that are definitely interesting. Establishing which résumés fall into which category […]