Aug 282008

With Labor Day on the way and summer behind us, employers and employees alike look forward to a long weekend holiday. It’s so easy to motivate your employees to get their work done before a long holiday weekend. The good feeling of self appreciation for emptying out that big pile in your in basket and knowing that as we leave at the end of the week, we will start out fresh when we return to work next week.

But when we get back to work that following week, we just can’t seem to get ourselves motivated to get back in the work groove. Just remember this one simple rule – to stay positive. You can get any job done when you set your mind to it.

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  One Response to “How to Re-motivate Employees Back to Work After A Holiday Weekend?”

  1. in my opinion it’s most important to make employees feeling a sense of ownership and pay them according to their performace. it’s not always easy to determine employees’ performance but i made very good experience especially in smaller companies. if you discuss incentives with the employees that’s half the work. and if some employees are not too motivated after a weekend – well, i am also not too motivated on a monday morning 😉

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