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Effortless HR Employee Management Software
People First! EffortlessHR provides you with the tools to manage your most important asset - your people!

Our comprehensive and affordable online HR software saves you time, money and keeps you out of trouble.
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Online HR software. Affordable and easy to use.

Web-based human resources software & employee management software in the cloud.

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For Small Business Owners
  • Centralize employee records
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Designed for the small business
For Managers
  • Customized Employee Time Clock
  • Find employee information quickly
  • Reminders to keep you organized
For HR Professionals
  • Hiring Corner -- Hire Smart!
  • Compliance with labor laws
  • Track PTO and Sick time
For Employees
  • Employee self service portal
  • Easily update contact information
  • Access to shared documents
Who needs Effortless HR web-based software?
EffortlessHR Products

We provide a complete suite of HR tools for your business

Effortless HRMS / HRIS
EffortlessHR® is a Human Resources "Software as a Service" (SaaS), meaning the entire program is online and can be accessed anywhere you have a computer (or smartphone) and an internet connection. Features include employee management, a self-service portal including time clock, and compliance resources.
Employee Handbook Builder for HRIS & HRMS
Every business needs an employee handbook to protect against liability and lawsuits. With EffortlessHR, you can affordably create a manual that would typically cost thousands of dollars and use up weeks of your time. Included free with EffortlessHR Ultimate.
Business Templates & HR Forms
We have put together all the forms we could find or that we have used and can now provide you with our forms library. Our HR forms, business forms, and spreadsheets are compatible with Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, or Microsoft Excel. Included free with all EffortlessHR plans.
Job Descriptions
Need a job description? Whether you are looking for specifics or just some ideas, we have a large library of job descriptions and occupation information available free of charge. Included free with all EffortlessHR plans.
Employee Assessments for Human Resources Management
By better understanding the people they employ, companies can solve many of their most critical and expensive problems. With reliable information to make human resource decisions, employers can successfully fit people to jobs in which they will excel, retain good employees, become better managers, improve service, and build more effective teams.

Effortless HR Software Detailed Feature List

Providing you with the tools to manage your most important asset - your people.

Online Employee & Personnel Management 

Online Employee & Personnel Management

  • A personnel file at your fingertips, with important information and files accessible 24/7 using our employee management software
  • We also support Custom Fields, so you can add additional fields for all employees as needed for your company
  • Use our hiring dashboard to help you with the on-boarding of new employees. Forms, How-to Guides, and Employment Laws are provided to help you make the right hiring decision
Employee Portal 

Employee Portal

  • Eliminate the need for standalone Employee Time Software or Employee Self Service Portal Software with our HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • Employees have the ability to update personal information, request time off, and clock in/out. All time entries are logged by IP address for your tracking purposes
  • Easy to use leave requisition and approval. Eliminate the hassle of time off requests using our web-based solution
Custom Report Writer 

Custom Report Writer

  • Our custom report writer allows you to choose the fields you want in any report, and filter and sort on any field
  • Provide you with the information to manage your company & employees
  • Export detailed and simplified hours to your existing payroll software or accounting system
Paid Time Off (PTO) & Accrual Tracking 

Paid Time Off (PTO) & Accrual Tracking

  New Feature
  • Integrated into the employee portal, time off requests are also emailed to the supervisor and any additional contacts that you define
  • Detailed reporting is available with audit logs of any accrual balance changes
Online Employee Time Clock 

Online Employee Time Clock

  • Accessible from any computer or smart phone, our time clock is simple and easy to use
  • Project management is easy with job codes and custom fields to allow each time entry to be tagged with relevant information
Powerful Import & Export Capabilities 

Powerful Import & Export Capabilities

  • Many businesses have employee information in a spreadsheet, payroll application, or custom database
  • We make it simple to import (adding or updating employees) and export all of your employee information
  • Easily import from your existing employee management software system
Multi-Layer Access & Permission Levels 

Multi-Layer Access & Permission Levels

  • Allows you to assign supervisors & managers to a single employee
  • Multiple levels allow you to control exactly who can view an employee and what information can be viewed or updated
Online Human Resources File & Document Storage 

Online Human Resources File & Document Storage

  • Convenient storage to keep your recordkeeping up to date
  • Separate folders allow you to remain working in compliance
Employee Email System 

Employee Email System

  New Feature
  • Design and write custom emails that will be sent to all or selected employees
  • Administrators have full access, and managers have access to employees who are assigned to them
  • Perfect for company-wide or department-wide announcements
Absence Tracking & Disciplinary Reports 

Absence Tracking & Disciplinary Reports

  • Easily track absences and generate custom reports for any time period
  • Tracking absences can help you reduce turnover and avoid future issues
Company Property & Assets Tracking 

Company Property & Assets Tracking

  • This tool will help you record the value and location of company property and will ensure the return of this property if needed
Employee Benefits Management 

Employee Benefits Management

  • Keep all your company benefits and contact information of providers in one centralized location
  • Add and easily assign benefits to employees as need
  • PTO Accrual with automatic accrual and rate table calculations. Integrates with time clock and time off requests  New Feature
Company Data Management 

Company Data Management

  • Important company information securely and safely stored offsite
  • Unlike traditional employee management software, our online HRIS system is always accessible
HR Forms & Business Templates 

HR Forms & Business Templates

  • Download and customize over 300 human resources forms & documents
  • Our library includes state & federal forms, as well as general business and human resources templates
Job Descriptions 

Job Descriptions

  New Feature
  • Download and print over 1000 job descriptions and occupational information
  • Information includes wage trends, education requirements, work context, and more
Employment & Labor Laws 

Employment & Labor Laws

  • You should know the regulations behind important labor law issues. Employment law penalties can be severe, and we can help educate you on these critical issues
  • As employment law changes, an announcement will be automatically placed on your dashboard
  • You will stay informed of all of the updated labor laws which can help you remain in compliance at work
Employment & Labor Law Posters 

Employment & Labor Law Posters

  • With our HR software, you can easily comply with employment laws and avoid labor law penalties
  • Compliance posters are provided for all 50 states in the United States
HR How-to Guides 

HR How-to Guides

  • Information and step-by-step guides to work in compliance and help you deal with many HR issues
  • Guides include hiring, retaining employees, workforce development, and termination
Calendar & Reminders 

Calendar & Reminders

  • Alert you to finish tasks or to start new ones. Alerts can be viewed on your dashboard and sent via email to multiple contacts
  • Examples: Starting or finishing a performance appraisal, remembering a birthday, and onboarding of an employees

EffortlessHR is the Best HR & Personnel Management Software

Recordkeeping can be an issue for fast moving and growing organizations.

Manage all of your employee records, notes, time sheets, and much more from one secure central area.

Our dynamic employee management interface allows you store all the employee information you need. You will be able to access important employee information quickly, regardless of where you are.

EffortlessHR also allows you to easily add your own fields using the powerful built in web interface, so you never need to store extra information on spreadsheets.

Click on the Employee Management interface to see a larger version.
Employee Management

Human Resources Software helps you quickly find what you need

With immediate access to these compliance resources, our HRIS system saves valuable time.

Human resources compliance is a necessity for any business in today's legal environment.

Between the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), OSHA, sexual harassment, and antidiscrimination laws, a business that isn't aware of its HR responsibilities is headed for trouble.

When done correctly, HR compliance is a process. It's a way of defining proper individual and group behaviors, and assuring that laws and policies are understood and followed. This means you must know the laws and develop appropriate policies in relation to these laws.

We provide a comprehensive employment law library, and also include necessary forms and "How-to Guides" for difficult situations.
Click on the Labor Laws Library interface to see a larger version.
Labor Laws Library

A secure, online human resources software solution

We employ industry-leading technology to keep your data safe & secure.

Secure HRIS System
Secure Online HRMS
EffortlessHR maintains rigorous security practices to keep your personal information safe.

Our servers are located in an offsite datacenter in the United States.

All data is also backed up daily to a second offsite location in the United States.

Using state-of-the-art and military-grade encryption technology, we are able to process your transactions and store data safely behind protected firewalls.

You can be assured that sensitive data cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

Security Safeguards:
  • 256-bit SSL encryption between our servers and your computer. Many banks only use 128-bit - we double that.
  • Each company's data is uniquely separated and encrypted in our database.
  • Dual-layer firewalls identify and block any intrusion attempts.
  • Our data center is centrally located in the USA, and holds the SAS 70 Type II Certification with regular audits.
  • To gain entry to the patrolled data center, guests must pass a two-factor authentication process.
  • All data is backed up daily using cloud storage to 2 independent data centers in the USA.

Companies using EffortlessHR for their online HRIS needs

Our HR software works great for these valued customers!

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Below is a random sampling of companies that use EffortlessHR for their human resources needs. To view their feedback, just click on their logo.

Effortless HR has been the answer to a small business owner's dreams. All of the tools you need to manage the most challenging aspect of any business - employees. I have turned to the Effortless site for valuable information on how to have those difficult talks, to keep records of company assets that we give to our staff, to print the required legal posters and on and on. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of participation in this program is the unbelievably small investment I had to make to receive such good information and to know that when I am stumped, there is actually a human at the end of the phone who can answer my questions. If my business ever grows to the point of requiring an "in house" HR person it will be because of the wonderful foundation provided to me and my business from EffortlessHR.

Denise Flynn, Flynn Electric (www.flynnelectric.net)

Effortless HRMS Software
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