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Court, Municipal, and License Clerks
SOC Code: 43-4031.00

Perform clerical duties for courts of law, municipalities, or governmental licensing agencies and bureaus. May prepare docket of cases to be called; secure information for judges and court; prepare draft agendas or bylaws for town or city council; answer official correspondence; keep fiscal records and accounts; issue licenses or permits; and record data, administer tests, or collect fees.43-4031.01 Court Clerks 43-4031.02 Municipal Clerks 43-4031.03 License Clerks

Wages & Trends

  • Median wages (2017)
    • $17.93 hourly, $37,300 annual
  • Employment (2016)
    • 136,000 employees
  • Projected growth (2016-2026)
    • Average (5% to 9%)
  • Projected job openings (2016-2026)
    • 12,600

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