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Overtime Ruling Checklist

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Overtime Ruling Checklist This checklist may be helpful as you prepare for the possible Department of Labor ruling on Exempt and Overtime changes that may be implemented soon. • Salary Ranges - Do we have exempt employees in positions where their salary threshold is under $970/week or $50,440/year? If so, how many? • Employees - Put together a spreadsheet with those employees who make under $970/week who are currently classified as exempt. • Raises - Discuss with management to determine which employees close to the new ranges will receive raises to maintain their exempt status. • No Raises - Determine which employees will need to be reclassified as non-exempt employees. • Reclassification - Determine the approximate number of hours the employees who will be reclassified work currently to determine pay going forward. • Job Descriptions - Review all job descriptions and identify work of an exempt nature. • Time Tracking - Review time tracking to make sure all employees who need to track hours understand the process. • Policies - Prepare updates to employee handbooks on Employee Categories, Overtime, and Timekeeping. • Duties Test - Review current duties tests for exempt employees. Possibly look at whether more than 50% of employee time is spent on exempt work. • Transfer Duties - Can any exempt duties be transferred to other exempt workers? • Communication - Prepare for questions and concerns from employees by using company/department meetings, preparing handouts with FAQ, etc. Please add additional items to the checklist as you determine what you need.

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