Sep 302015
5 best principles to keep you and your employees motivated

In the business environment attitude is contagious. The right kind of attitude has the ability to inspire the staff thus teaching them all the tricks of the trade. Keeping employees motivated is easier said than done. Nonetheless, remaining excited and accepting new challenging on a daily basis can have a great impact on employee morale. It is important to be a tough leader. Good leadership skills draws believers and leading a team usually means more than just making sound business decisions. The best leaders have the power of setting a tone; they’re guiders, advisors, and last but not least, companions. Here are 5 effective principles that will help you keep your staff motivated: Have a mission statement and sell it […]

Jun 132015
How Can HR Help Create Higher Employee Engagement Within Organizations?

Every company values an employee who is flexible and puts the company needs first whenever possible. These types of employees are usually happy and this is because they are engaged in their roles and feel a part of the company. An engaged employee will prove to be a valuable asset. HR can play an important role in ensuring all employees are engaged by following these guidelines. Know your employees and your company will have a lot to win It is very important to get to know your employees and provide them with an opportunity to discuss any concerns – business or personal. A relationship with your employees will allow you to help them when they have any issues and this […]

May 042015

Unlike other tasks at work, it is hard to be creative on demand. Because of this, it can be difficult to inspire creativity in your employees. You may find that one day you have a creative flurry of ideas on your hands, while the next day the creativity has dried up. While it’s hard to inspire creativity in the workplace, it’s not an impossible task. For cash-rich technology companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook, they look at everything including the architecture of their offices. Hiring award-winning architects, these companies have attempted to reinvent the workplace by creating creative spaces that in no way reflect the traditional office setup of fluorescent lighting, cubicles and vast unimaginative conference rooms. At Google’s […]

Nov 182014
Innovative ideas to drive employee engagement

Employee engagement is important for business results. Turnover has high costs in recruiting and training new employees, and by improving engagement, you can reduce employee turnover. Also, various studies have shown that engaged employees are more productive, produce higher quality work, and provide better customer service. Here are some innovative ways that you can boost your employee engagement. Listen to employee suggestions Get employees involved more with the company by soliciting their ideas and suggestions. Often, employees may have great ideas about how your company could improve certain things, which management has never thought of. Knowing that their opinions are valued makes people feel more engaged. Make sure that you act on some of the suggestions, too, and then employees […]

May 072012
Recipe for Success

Watching the news every night and the news talk shows on Sunday, you might be confused as to where we (as a country) are now and where we are going.  I’m not a politician or an economic expert, by any means, but I do use common sense and bit of “kitchen” know-how to plan for the future. What do I mean by that?  Well, I believe if you want to succeed in business you must mix your ability to think clearly (common sense) with key ingredients (kitchen know-how) to build your success.  Let’s start with the kitchen know-how. I was always told, and passed these words of wisdom on to my children, that if you could read a recipe you […]

Dec 142010
How to be an effective leader

Before we begin to discuss being a leader, we probably should define what a leader is.  This is important because there can be a distinction between being a “boss” and being a “leader”.  Your position may define you as a boss, which provides you with the authority to accomplish tasks and objectives.  This authority does not define you as a leader, however.  It simply makes you the boss.  Leaders can be defined as a person who influences others to accomplish the tasks and objectives.   A leader makes others want to achieve the tasks and goals they are given. That isn’t to say that leaders don’t have tasks to perform.  It is just that when they do have tasks they often […]

May 282010

That’s right! We are bringing back our very popular free trial for our EffortlessHR Online HR Software system. Just in case you read the blog, and have never visited our main site ( ) , We’ll list some of our exciting existing and new features below: Online Employee & Personnel Management Employee Portal New! Custom Reports HR Forms Labor Laws Labor Law Posters HR Guide Calendar & Reminders New! Powerful Import & Export Capabilities New! Multi-Layer Access Levels Online File Storage Company Property Tracking Benefits Management Company Data Management Labor Law Updates Be sure to check out everything we offer, and we’d love to hear your feedback. Click here to visit Searches for this article:free hris softwarefree hrishris […]

Dec 222009
If You Don't Own a Circus... You Shouldn't Be Hiring Clowns!

A Layman’s Journey to Effortless Human Resources, author Lola Kakes As a business owner, you want to expand your company by building a solid team, not a three-ring circus. There’s a reason human resources work is often compared to running a daycare center. Managing employees can cause headaches for a company of any size, but especially for a small company where one person is doing the hiring, managing and firing. Written as a layman’s guide to human resources, this book provides the tools you need to operate your company professionally and legally before your organization grows large enough to hire an entire HR department. You’ll find essential tools that include checklists, tips, sample forms and letters, charts of important legal […]

May 222009

Human Resource management is the process a company uses to ensure the effective and efficient use of their “people” talents to accomplish organizational goals. If these resources are managed properly and effective, the organization would most likely increase profits, sell more items, produce in a more efficient manner, and be able to do all this while staying in legal compliance. A product or service is only as good as the people that make it, design it, or sell it. This means that one of the most important assets of any organization is their human capital. If you have qualified, enthusiastic individuals, you will have a better chance of maintaining a leading edge over your competitor. If you have poor morale, […]

Feb 192009
Building a Team - How to ACE it

There are many types of teams – there are sport teams, debate teams, dance teams, teams of horses, and there are of course, business teams. There are even more types of teams, which you could probably list if you wanted. Teams can be good, bad, so-so, or great. If you look at just these few listed here, what do they have in common and what makes a great team? All teams are comprised of more than one person, and let’s face it when you get more than one person in the same room, the dynamics change. The individual is no longer dealing with one set of ideas or policies, or need. The dynamics of a group of people brings into […]