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Those who remember Kermit the Frog’s song, “It isn’t easy being green”, will admit there are challenges for a company who wants to be environmentally responsible.

A direct benefit is that an eco-friendly company will be able to attract and retain employees. A poll conducted by Monster-TRAK.com, a website for students and entry-level hires, found that 92% would be more inclined to work for a company who was environmentally friendly, and 80% of young professionals would prefer a job that has a positive impact on the environment. (June Issue of HR Magazine).

Rising gas prices have caught everyone’s attention, and it’s not just the “tree huggers” who are interested in conservation these days.

There are costs associated with going “green”, as recycled products are often more expensive than their counterparts.

Steps a small business on a limited budget can take to join the green team!

§ Encourage employees to turn off lights when leaving a room

§ Eliminate plastic cups – have employees bring a favorite cup from home

§ Provide recycling bins for plastic, glass and paper.

§ Combine trips to save gas, going to lunch? — pick up supplies on the way back

§ Buy energy efficient light bulbs

§ Close blinds/shades in the summer – don’t blast the air conditioning or heat

§ Power down inactive computers

§ Buy recycled products whenever possible

§ Use environmentally friendly cleaning products

§ Encourage car pooling and use of public transportation

§ Where possible, be flexible and permit employees to work from home a day or two a week.

There are federal tax breaks for employers who provide transit, vanpool and parking benefits to employees.

Go to the IRS website for details: http://www.irs.gov/publications/p15b/index.html

Several states have tax incentives for employers. Contact your state government to see what commuter tax credits apply.

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  4 Responses to “Going “Green” – Small Business Can Do Its Part”

  1. While ‘going green’ may be a great way to attract employees to your small business, do you think it has an impact on the bottom line? Does ‘going green’ make you a better business?

  2. With the tax incentives and electricity savings, it can very well make a sizable impact on the bottom line.

  3. We switched to CFL in our company and the ammount we save on the energy bill is huge .
    We bought a coffee dispenser which can be used with normal cups because we got sick of all the litter the plastic cups produced.
    “Does ‘going green’ make you a better business?”
    no. but it is helping the environment to change some small habits.

  4. Green jobs will grow in the next years, and also the companies related with renewable energy.

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