Sep 232015

Whether your business is health care or education, drug screening can play an important part of a comprehensive background check program — and it’s especially important in fields like medical, human resources, safety and security. In fact, when you want to improve workforce quality and safety, reduce workers’ compensation and health care costs, increase productivity and more at your business, drug screening can often be a huge asset. With that in mind, does your company already utilize drug screening in its HR practices? Are you considering adding drug screening to your business processes but unsure where to start? Below, consider the step-by-step method for implementing an effective, efficient drug-screening system in your organization:   Choose a Reliable Testing Facility. According […]

Aug 012011
Back To School – Already?!

When you think of the phrase, “back to school” it can bring up several images – it could bring up memories of when you were a youngster, enjoying the summer and all of a sudden faced with the reality that school would be starting up again very shortly. It could also bring up the parent’s checklist of making sure all the required shots and immunizations are in place, enrollment forms completed, paper and pencils purchased, new shoes bought, etc. As a business owner it could mean one of two things and that is what I am going to go over.  What are those two things? Back to school could mean looking at your current programs to see if you have […]

Jul 282010

Many employers are facing turnover issues that they may not have had to deal with in the past. Some of the turnover is downsizing due to a tough economy. That type of turnover is not the common turnover that employers deal with consistently. It is usually a one time issue and hopefully will go away as the economy turns around. The turnover I’m talking about is the “revolving door” of employees being hired, staying for a little while, and then leaving. This type of turnover can be symptomatic of a deeper, organizational problem. Some employers say, “So what. Turnover is inevitable and if the employee doesn’t want to stay, they should leave.” These employers don’t seem to understand how costly […]

Jul 012010

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 7 million – 5.3% of the labor force held more than one job. People work at multiple jobs for a variety of reasons. In today’s economy, people are often compelled to work two jobs just to make ends meet. Others may “moonlight” to gain skills in another profession. What guidelines can employers set regarding employees working at other jobs? Employment lawyers and consultants disagree on whether a specific policy addressing moonlighting is needed. Those not advocating a policy believe that job performance and conflict of interest policies cover the bases. Others say that a distinct moonlighting policy clarifies what the employer expects in this regard. If you choose not to have a […]

Jun 302009

Over the years, as I consulted with small businesses, I was often asked if an employee handbook was necessary. The questions usually amounted to: – the cost of having an employee handbook written, – the number of employees (I only have one employee), – the idea that having written policies would cause more problems than not having written policies, and – I tell the employee everything they need to know and if they have a question they can come and ask me. Handbooks are not required as a regulation or law. However, some laws and regulations require posting in the place of business – for example Minimum Wage. The way handbooks are written could be a deterrent, i.e. if it […]

Apr 162009

EffortlessHR announces new software which allows a company to stay green by creating and storing HR policy manuals online. Many businesses are too small to have a human resource professional on staff to handle the important task of developing an employee handbook. Now they have access to an affordable online solution that allows them to develop a handbook quickly and efficiently by answering a few simple questions. Written by top human resource professionals and designed to protect against liability and lawsuits, EffortlessHR’s online software explains company policies and guidelines in understandable language. The manual incorporates state-specific laws and regulations which may be applicable to a company’s organizational size and needs. Lola Kakes, CEO of EffortlessHR, says, “Employee handbooks help managers […]

Dec 162008

With the New Year approaching and upcoming changes to laws regarding the Family Medical Leave Act, Military Leave Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it’s timely to review your handbook to make certain that it is current. Why an employee handbook? Handbooks can be valuable communication and employee relations tools. They help maintain consistency among supervisors to avoid misunderstandings about workplace policies. Handbooks help orient new employees and let them know what is expected of them. Written statements of policies can help reduce the need for employees to seek out union representation in the workplace. Clear work rules help support your disciplinary procedures and avoid discrimination charges. DO’s Handbooks should be written in a clear, organized and non-technical […]

Jul 112008

As a Human Resource consultant, I have been asked, “How important is it to have an employee handbook/manual” And the add-on question is, “What goes into an employee handbook” The first question can be pluses and minuses to a business owner – employment lawyers, consultants, and managers of organizations all disagree on the value of employee manuals. This disagreement comes from whether or not a manual is considered by the courts to be a contract for employment. Also, if not written correctly, the manual may inadvertently guarantee job security. However, on the plus side, a handbook or manual can help increase morale. This is because when your employment practices are in writing, your employees feel they are being handled consistently […]