May 292009

One of the most difficult situations we come across in business, is the “angry customer”. We want nothing more than to slap this person and send them on their way. Please resist this urge as it’s not worth losing that customer or going to jailJ Seriously, fighting will just make the situation worse and you could lose the customer or even lose many customers. Understanding where that anger comes from will help you avoid being sucked into a fight with a customer. Psychologists say that anger is not a primary emotion. Anger usually comes from fear or a feeling of hurt. Once you realize that yelling and strong words come from fear or hurt then you can figure out how […]

Aug 282008

Do you have any idea the cost difference between getting a new customer compared to retaining a current customer? It costs 5 times as much to bring in a new customer, than to keep an existing one, as we all know. Now is time to ensure loyalty with your customers through utilizing the “back to basics” of customer service. It is a big chore for consumers to have to find another company to meet the needs that presently you fulfill. Customers want to be loyal. So, why do they leave? They leave because of a lack of attention to plain-old customer service. When customers contact a company, customer service has an opportunity to improve or worsen the relationship with the […]