Oct 212015

Today, many businesses are moving to private exchanges, and the trend is expected to grow. In 2014, consulting firm Accenture reported that an estimated 9 million people would be covered through private exchanges in 2015 — and the same report predicts that by 2018, more than 40 million Americans will receive their health care coverage through a private exchange plan. Though what kind of impact do private exchanges have on the human resources staffers? Do private exchanges streamline the process, or do they create more headaches for already overtaxed HR employees?  Most experts say private exchanges will make HR managers’ lives much easier, and here’s a look into why. Private exchanges reduce administrative tasks Because a private exchange gives the […]

May 252015

More and more companies are experiencing the benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service. DRaaS enables businesses to get their systems up and running within just a few hours of a disaster and can be an indispensable tool when it comes to protecting livelihoods. DRaaS protects all servers and storage, offering a comprehensive cloud disaster recovery solution. It is based on cloud technology and allows small businesses with limited resources to protect themselves. A Complete Solution There are many reasons why a company might choose to invest in a DRaaS product. Companies at severe risk of disaster might include those located in places regularly affected by adverse weather conditions, but no company is completely immune to IT disasters. If you’re […]

Dec 042012
How to Choose Professional Organizations to Join

In these challenging times when every dollar spent must be a wise investment, one of those decisions is where you should spend both  time and money  in terms of business development.  One thing is for sure, you will need to contribute in order to gain.  If you join a networking group thinking I’ll just attend and business will come my way, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. You will get out of a professional organization what you put into it.  Have a plan when you attend the various events on who you want to meet.  If there is a directory or listing of the members, identify at least 5 new prospects you would like to meet that either can directly […]

Sep 072012
Make the Right Decision! - Exempt vs Non-Exempt vs Independent Contractor

Employers are always looking for ways to cut costs.  Be aware, however, that it can be easy to make risky decisions on how to classify your employees.  Whether it is with existing employees or additions to staff, be sure you are making informed decisions on what category your employees should be in and why. We understand that with these challenging times, business owners try to find as many ways as possible to control costs. Many are not aware that there are risks in making the wrong decision, even if it is out of “ignorance”. We all know that when it comes to the law, ignorance is no defense. Employers look at the rising cost of health benefits, coupled with high […]

May 072012
Recipe for Success

Watching the news every night and the news talk shows on Sunday, you might be confused as to where we (as a country) are now and where we are going.  I’m not a politician or an economic expert, by any means, but I do use common sense and bit of “kitchen” know-how to plan for the future. What do I mean by that?  Well, I believe if you want to succeed in business you must mix your ability to think clearly (common sense) with key ingredients (kitchen know-how) to build your success.  Let’s start with the kitchen know-how. I was always told, and passed these words of wisdom on to my children, that if you could read a recipe you […]

Aug 012011
Back To School – Already?!

When you think of the phrase, “back to school” it can bring up several images – it could bring up memories of when you were a youngster, enjoying the summer and all of a sudden faced with the reality that school would be starting up again very shortly. It could also bring up the parent’s checklist of making sure all the required shots and immunizations are in place, enrollment forms completed, paper and pencils purchased, new shoes bought, etc. As a business owner it could mean one of two things and that is what I am going to go over.  What are those two things? Back to school could mean looking at your current programs to see if you have […]

Jul 292010
Do We Need Succession Planning?

I was the VP of HR for a fairly large organization several years ago when the terrible unexpected happened.You always think, “This can’t be happening to us” only to find that it can and does happen. What is it that happened? The second in command, who had been brought in to run the company when the founder retired, was killed in a terrible car accident. No one was prepared for the aftermath of that tragedy – especially the owner of the company as he had to regroup and rethink his retirement plans. The rest of the company also had to regroup and come to grip with a terrible loss and uncertainty as to what would happen next. Can organizations prepare […]

Jan 222009

The economic crisis of 2008/2009 has many companies looking at ways to save money and get through the hard times. What this normally means is that they look to lay off people, cut back benefits (which make good employees look at other opportunities), stop training programs, reduce marketing, and basically “hunker” down. I feel like I am in a unique position as both a business owner and a human resource generalist to address this economic drama. Let me explain. As a business owner I am facing choices in doing business. Credit is hard to find and cash flow is tight. Clients still are there, however, and they still want and need my services. Sometimes, they just don’t know what they […]

Jan 072009

A 2006 study conducted by Cornell University associate professor Christopher Collins, Ph.D., in effect showed that small businesses could grow if they are more effective in managing their employees. As a small business owner and a Human Resource Generalist, I agree completely. That is one of the reasons I have been so actively supportive of strong employee management programs for small businesses, and why I developed EffortlessHR. Professor Collins’ study showed that compared to companies who do not practice employee management strategies, those companies who do can experience: 22% higher revenue growth 23% higher profit growth Over 66% reduction in employee turnover Why is employee management so important? I will give you my thoughts, from my perspective. I started out […]

Aug 282008

With Labor Day on the way and summer behind us, employers and employees alike look forward to a long weekend holiday. It’s so easy to motivate your employees to get their work done before a long holiday weekend. The good feeling of self appreciation for emptying out that big pile in your in basket and knowing that as we leave at the end of the week, we will start out fresh when we return to work next week. But when we get back to work that following week, we just can’t seem to get ourselves motivated to get back in the work groove. Just remember this one simple rule – to stay positive. You can get any job done when […]