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HR Software

HR personnel software can be used for a plethora of HR needs. Here are just a few suggestions on how you can make it work for you!

Applicant Tracking

Finding the right candidate for your company can take a lot of work in and of itself! HR software systems can greatly simplify the task of applicant tracking. Scan resumes into a database of applicant profiles that you can use to generate offer/rejection letters and generate EEO reports. Schedule and track your phone interviews, first interviews, and second interviews.

Interview Process

Use a template or create jobs descriptions or questionnaires for interviewing applicants. HR software can also be used to train employees on how to conduct an interview or what questions to ask.

Compensation Administration

HR departments are more frequently depending on software programs to help them perform:

Benefits Administration

If your company offers several medical benefits packages from different providers, a online HR supplier (HR software) can be very helpful for managing benefits. You can also use it to keep track of other benefits such as COBRA and 401k.

Photo ID systems

For some companies, identity is crucial to access. Rather than outsourcing, your company can opt to make its own badges. Software programs that serve this very purpose will allow you to:


Payroll is sometimes a business’s first and most pressing need for an HR software program that can:

Personnel Scheduling

Personnel scheduling, especially with more than 2 employees, can be a challenge for many medium-sized companies. If you are looking for solutions, HR personnel software can ease the task of scheduling and approving time off for managers. Your program can help you generate and print rosters, plan shift schedules, and easily make adjustments.

Employee/Customer feedback

Oftentimes, when a company wants to research ways to improve their business procedures, they conduct surveys that may be taken by employees or customers to measure satisfaction. For employees, you may want to find out how satisfied they are in their position, how well they received a training workshop, or how they feel about various company functions. For customers, you may want to ask them to rate the quality level of the service they received, or for suggestions on how they feel your service can be improved upon.

Training development

The need for employees to be computer-savvy is strong and continues to grow. HR software is commonly used to train and test applicant or employee skills, such as:

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