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NC - North Carolina Human Resource Labor Laws

Below is a list of employment laws we monitor and provide for North Carolina.

Example law for this state:

Whistleblower Protection

No person shall discriminate or take any retaliatory action against an employee because the employee in good faith does or threatens to do any of the following: (1) File a claim or complaint, initiate any inquiry, investigation, inspection, proceeding or other action, or testify or provide information to any person. (2) Cause any of the activities listed to be initiated on an employee's behalf. (3) Exercise any right on behalf of the employee or any other employee afforded by Article 2A or Article 16 of this Chapter or by Article 2A of Chapter 74 of the General Statutes. It shall not be a violation of this Article for a person to discharge or take any other unfavorable action with respect to an employee who has engaged in protected activity as set forth under this Article if the person proves by the greater weight of the evidence that it would have taken the same unfavorable action in the absence of the protected activity of the employee.

Affirmative Action
Age Discrimination
Authorized Workers
Background Checks
Benefits for Unmarried Partners
Child Labor Law
Child Support
Court Attendance - Victim of Crime
Credit Reports
Data Security/Breach Notification
Direct Deposit
Drug/Alcohol Testing
Employment At Will
Family and Medical Leave
Genetic Testing
Health Insurance Continuation
Insurance Portability
Jury Duty
Lie Detector Tests
Lifestyle Discrimination
Medical Donation Leave
Military Leave
Minimum Wage
National Origin
New Hire Reporting
Non-Compete Agreements
Occupational Safety and Health
Off Duty Conduct
Off-Duty Conduct
Pay Schedules
Pay Statements
Payment of Commissions
Personnel Files
Plant Closing and Mass Layoff
Posting Requirements
Pre-Employment Inquiries
Pregnancy Discrimination
School Visitation Leave
Sex Discrimination
Sexual Harassment
Sexual Orientation Discrimination
Social Security Numbers
Title VII/Civil Rights
Unemployment Insurance
Union Members
Vacation Pay Upon Termination
Wage Deductions
Wage Garnishment
Wage Payment at Termination
Whistleblower Protection
Workers' Compensation